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Changes, changes everywhere!

This is something I've been struggling with for quite a while. Patrons already know all of the details, but it's not something I've talked much about publicly. And to put aside any worries, the comic WILL continue. I just need to make some adjustments.

The first big change, one that's already happened, is River City is no longer part of Spider Forest. This was a choice I made for personal reasons. The only thing I will say on the matter is it is not a community for everyone.

Now. The meat of these changes. For the last year or so, I've been unhappy with the state of the comic. I felt there were some plot holes that I really had to stretch to get across. That I hadn't established certain concepts well enough. I was unhappy with a lot of the tech designs. And I was really dissatisfied with my choice of terms for people with superpowers. Which left me in an awkward spot cause I was nearly 100 pages into this thing.

I spent about a month (over Christmas break) exploring the idea of turning it into a video game. A fully fresh start to fix the story issues. But my coding skills are still fairly new and that's a lot to learn. I still want to finish the little test game I started, about Crawford getting into fights at a bar, but I have a lot to learn to be able to finish it. And in that little journey, I came up with exactly what I needed. A way to tell the story better!....but it would require adding something to the beginning of the comic. And a few changes through out.

So what does that mean? I'll be sort of re-launching the comic, eventually. I will clear the current archive and reintroduce updated and edited pages along with a brand new 11 page prologue.

My current goal is to have this process started by or before the start of June. I make no promises, as I'm also working around classes and have no idea what my workload will be come Spring term. But I will make an announcement here and on twitter well in advance.