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Aaaand we're back!

At long last, the comic is BACK! I apologize for the hiatus lasting as long as it did. I would have had it out in early February but life just. Kept. Happening. From a coloring gig that killed my productivity to getting sick multiple times to.........well, all this that's going on everywhere.

A lot has changed since the last formal updates. A shiny new website, as you can see. No longer mirrored on Tapas OR Smackjeeves for..........reasons. But now mirrored on Tumblr and ComicFury! You can also subscribe on sites like Archive Binge to get alerts when new pages go up.

I also have a few small pieces of River City merch available! Just small stickers and buttons for now. You can find them in my shop!

Finally, if you want to read ahead, the entire second chapter is currently available over on my Patreon! and you get access to it for just $1/month. Otherwise, stay tuned here every Monday and Friday for the thrilling tale of a grumpy young man falling asleep in front of his TV.

Hope you're all well, staying safe, and washing your hands!