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Media? Getting things wrong? Shocking.

Crawford's not bitter about anything. He's certainly not ignoring why he might be frustrated by something seemingly harmless. Nope. Not here. Nor am I writing a thinly veiled frustration of my own.

I wrote this page like six months ago. Now it feels even more topical than ever to take the "media got it wrong" commentary path. Boy howdy do we know that more than ever, now. At the time it was just a mix of my own frustrations at how media tends to portray real types of people (in my case, queer folks) as weirdly idealized. Combined with my trying to frame why this world with super powers doesn't have superheroes. At first, I wasn't going to have even the idea of them in them in the world at all, but then I got to looking at how TV writers warp things.

Hope you're all staying safe out there!