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That's not good

Everything's totally normal, nothing to worry about.

Don't forget you can read ahead over on Patreon, where the entire chapter is complete. My goal is that if I can get at least 10 people on the $5 level, I can open a $10 level where I send out physical goods. Perhaps an exclusive monthly goodie. Buttons to start, and other stuff once........I can reliably order stuff again.

But for now, it just takes $1/month to get access to pages early. I post them as soon as they're finished, where as here I don't start posting until the entire chapter is finished. And $5 patrons currently get process pages, design sketches, etc.

Want to see something more? Let me know! I'm still figuring out the Patreon thing, so I'm not sure what people would want to see, so I'm open to suggestions.