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River City is Now Part of Spiderforest!

There's so much going on, it's nice to get some good news!

Spiderforest is casual collective for webcomics. It's not like a publisher or anything, they're just a volunteer run group to help each other promote webcomics. Other than the banner across the top of the page, there won't be too many changes from this. But it means River City is no longer a free floating comic out there in the great internet void! Which feels kinda awesome.

Check them out!

Things are still really unsteady on my end of things. What with the everything. But I am slowly scraping away at chapter 3. I have started to put together a proper map for the city, so I don't have to make it up cold any time I use one. And for some reason I wrote a lot of maps into the script, because that's just the sort of person I am.

Head on over to Spiderforest to check out some other awesome comics. Like Puppeteer, Millennium, or Vagary!


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